What does Orwellian really mean? [Video]

Using the term Orwellian to mean authoritarian misses the point Eric Blair/George Orwell tried to convey in the novel 1984. Any definition of the word “Orwellian” must include the deceptive and misleading use of language.

Fake Christianity is no comfort at all

Eternity Matters posted this telling video last week. Rather than talk about it, I’d rather you watch the 2 minute clip for yourself. Is forgiveness possible? Two minute video clip from ER.

Lioness befriends trainer

One day the curse of the fall will be completely and forever eradicated. Then one day we will see more scenes like this one. Even big cats like this lioness Sirga can bond with human beings.

Alfred Kinsey and the Children Of Table 34

The theory of childhood sexuality advanced by Alfred Kinsey’s sex researchers has shaped how and when sex education is taught in the United States. It has also influenced the laws against sexual molestation.

How the teaching of American History was changed - and why - Norman Dodd

Did you ever wonder how it came to be that so many Americans know so very little about their own history? Half a century ago certain members of congress became concerned about tax-exempt foundations.

Was Hitler a Christian?

There continues to be low-level attempt to recreate history by making Adolf Hitler a Christian. No matter how many times or in how many different ways these statements are repeated, they will never be true.

School makes stupid

American schools train kids to believe they’re more educated than they really are. They’re taught to defend their feelings as facts and to memorize without comprehension or retention. Table of Contents The nobility of teaching What school actually does Education isn’t about getting a job The purpose of education is to prepare you to teach yourself.

Fake tolerance hates

Truly tolerant people understand a fundamental truth: hating people simply because they are different than you is an ugly thing. Table of Contents The acceptable ones The double standard Protected classes create intolerance Scientific shaping of the new Amerika Totalitarian overtones What proponents of the new tolerance demand of Christians The acceptable ones Unfortunately tolerance as a social movement is something very different from live and let live.

Photographs and memories [Video]

I’m neither a picture-taker nor -saver. I’ve always preferred the moment. But I returned home Thursday night with a bag of framed images. And I’m so glad that I did.

The Singing Bus Driver - NYC Transit Authority Bus Hero Richard Teel [Video]

Many years have passed since Richard Teel was profiled on The 51st State, a long-forgotten local interest program about New York City. Here’s the story of a real-life, everyday hero. May he be an inspiration to you, too.