Reginald Heber and "From Greenland's Icy Mountains" [Hymn]

OF the fifty-nine elegant hymns written by Bishop Heber none are so widely known or so frequently sung as his missionary hymn. In 1819, a royal letter authorized collections to be taken in every church and chapel in England connected with the establishment, in furtherance of the Society for Propagating the Gospel.

Alfred Edersheim - Jesus The Messiah Chapter 1 - The Annunciation Of St. John The Baptist

Alfred Edersheim was a Jewish Christian scholar. His most famous book is “The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah”, a careful abridgment of which was made and published just after his death.

The Kneeling Deer

Tom was a young hunter and fur-trader. He had run away from his home in Toronto, and was now in the woods of northern Ontario trying to find his fortune. Like most young traders he had mastered the Indian tongue.

The Blasphemous Family of South Dakota

In the near neighborhood of one of my preaching stations, there lived a German family, a father and mother and five children. They never attended services. I had invited them through members, but all in vain.

The Most Noted Jewish Book in the World

In Baltimore Einspruch regularly preached in Yiddish standing atop a soapbox positioned in front of various synogogues on Saturdays. Henry Einspruch was born in Tarnow, Galicia in 1892, the child of an iron-merchant who is described as a learned man and a Sandzer Hasid.

Jesus Shall Reign Where'er The Sun - Hymn by Isaac Watts

It will add to our appreciation of this hymn to know that on a certain occasion it was used most impressively in the South Sea Isles. “King George, the ruler of the islands, gave his people a new constitution and exchanged the heathen for a Christian form of government.

Do Jewish people need Christ?

Do Jewish people need Christ, or are they already right with God? Or asked another way, how many ways are there to God? One of my favorite hymnals is the Church of England’s Hymns Ancient and Modern - Standard Edition, first published in 1861.

William Tyndale - Hero of the English Reformation

It may be that William Tyndale gave more to the English Reformation than any other Reformer, for without his translation of the New Testament into the clear English of his day, so that the common man could read and understand, such great preachers as John Colet, Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley, and others could have preached until doomsday, yet there would have remained little understanding of the Scriptures.

The good example of John Huss

“During all his life, Huss distinguished himself by constant application to duty and tireless devotion to preaching according to the Scriptures. His conduct has been termed exemplary, his life blameless, and his personality winning.