God Would Not Have Your Faith To Be Hidden

He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. “…there is still one more thing here, that Christ says: “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved.

The Church's One Foundation

The Church’s One Foundation was written in response to a serious heresy which surfaced in South Africa in the 1860’s. The hymn writer Samuel Stone patterned his verse on the phrase The holy Catholic church, the communion of saints found in the Apostles' Creed.

Justification by Faith Must Stand

One of the key teachings of the Bible – Old and New Testaments both – is the Fall, when Adam and Eve disobeyed God. The penalty of that “original sin” was that death entered into the world.

For all the saints who from their labors rest

One of the great songs from the Lutheran Hymnal. The golden evening brightens in the west, Soon, soon, to faithful warriors cometh rest, Sweet is the calm of Paradise the blest.

Hindrances in Coming to Jesus Christ

Marvel not, said the Saviour, if the world hate you. We have no reason to believe our religion is the religion of the Bible, if it be palatable to the taste of carnal minds.

I leave all things to God's Direction - Lutheran Men's Voice

A German hymn, translated to English, and sung in India. “My God desires each soul’s salvation, My soul he too desires to save; Therefore with Christian resignation, All earthly troubles I will brave.

God Knows How to Lead You Out

Are we any better than Adam and Eve were? Go back with me this morning to that beautiful paradise of Eden, where every flower bloomed before the face of the God who gave it, and where every flower threw out its aroma into the nostrils of the perfect man and woman.

A short devotion for the day: Can we count on God?

Days come when our need of strength is desperate. We seem to be touching bottom and wonder if we can go on. Does God hear? Read: Psalm 72 Psalm 72:12 “For He will deliver the needy when he crieth and the poor that hath no helper.

On What Has Now Been Sown

Dear Lord, “Oh, grant that each of us now met before Thee here, may meet together thus when Thou and Thine appear. And, follow Thee to heaven, our home. E’en so, Amen, Lord Jesus, come!

Justification by Faith by Emanuel Greenwald

The old battles in the church are here again. Perhaps the most important one is not about spiritual gifts for today, but rather what constitutes salvation. Is it all Jesus Christ?