The Young Muslim Kid Got It Right

A Christian friend mentioned recently that he and his wife homeschool their children. That is great to hear. It’s pains me to know what is being to done every day to the next generation in American public schools.

To teach as Jesus taught - Matt 6:24-34

The inexcusable ignorance of the present day is leading thousands of people into infidelity. Not to catechize our youth will lead them to practical atheism. A sermon from Simon Peter Long, delivered in 1903.

How the teaching of American History was changed - and why - Norman Dodd

Did you ever wonder how it came to be that so many Americans know so very little about their own history? Half a century ago certain members of congress became concerned about tax-exempt foundations.

School makes stupid

American schools train kids to believe they’re more educated than they really are. They’re taught to defend their feelings as facts and to memorize without comprehension or retention. Table of Contents The nobility of teaching What school actually does Education isn’t about getting a job The purpose of education is to prepare you to teach yourself.