Does God Care?

The secret of hope in believing souls everywhere is that God does care. This is the one great truth that God has been striving through all the generations to have men believe.

Hindrances in Coming to Jesus Christ

Marvel not, said the Saviour, if the world hate you. We have no reason to believe our religion is the religion of the Bible, if it be palatable to the taste of carnal minds.

The Three Enemies: Lion, Wolf, and Bear

“Jesus is the good shepherd; He loves His sheep; yes, His love includes even the very tiniest lamb.” “On Golgotha He bought you with His own life, — you were “bought with a price.

The Snow Prayer

There was another little girl by the name of Mary, who also had learned to pray. Every morning and evening she would kneel beside her bed and pray out of a full heart.

To teach as Jesus taught - Matt 6:24-34

The inexcusable ignorance of the present day is leading thousands of people into infidelity. Not to catechize our youth will lead them to practical atheism. A sermon from Simon Peter Long, delivered in 1903.

How to be a Real Man - The Men, The Master and the Man - Luke 17:11-19

The world not only needs Christian women, it needs Christian men. Our text today deals exclusively with men, the Master, and the man, and it is my intention, as God shall help me this morning, to show you what the Holy Spirit means to convey to us in this great theme.

The Average Man

Here in America the “average man” is in the majority, and some day it flashes upon us that you and I belong to that vast majority. Some day it flashes upon us that you and I belong to that vast majority.

Alfred Edersheim - Jesus The Messiah Chapter 1 - The Annunciation Of St. John The Baptist

Alfred Edersheim was a Jewish Christian scholar. His most famous book is “The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah”, a careful abridgment of which was made and published just after his death.

God Knows How to Lead You Out

Are we any better than Adam and Eve were? Go back with me this morning to that beautiful paradise of Eden, where every flower bloomed before the face of the God who gave it, and where every flower threw out its aroma into the nostrils of the perfect man and woman.

In That Day

Whatever other signs may appear before Christ’s coming, I know that, according to Christ’s words, surfeiting and drunkenness, building and planting, buying and selling, marrying and giving in marriage and other cares of this life will be in evidence.