The Test Is Not What You Think

It is essential for our peace of mind as Christians that we understand what is real. Part of the enemy’s attack is the sowing of confusion through a preponderance of conflicting information. We are aware of his devices, and are warned to be on guard against them. True science is completely compatible with Christianity, because it is based on observation of what exists in God’s creation. Science “so-called” is not based on what is real, but is unprovable theory or philosophy masquerading as fact.

What is Luciferase?

One of the ingredients in the Covid-19 vaccine is something called Luciferase. Yes, this sounds like something from an old Hal Lindsey Rapture book, but it is in fact real. Dr. Carrie Madej (yes she is a real medical doctor) in clear and understandable English, describes the function of Luciferase and the other parts of the Moderna vaccine. Whichever side of the vaccine issue on which you find yourself, you will benefit from learning how this new vaccine differs from a flu shot.