Do You Consent?

Dear Friends: Some people have said that if there is a mandatory Covid vaccine, it will be their “line in the sand” moment. For the non-native English speakers, this expression means a dividing point, beyond which some people will not go. Could it really be true that a free people would consent to such a dangerous and untested thing? Yet… It’s hard for me to believe that anyone would still be getting flu shots, knowing their terrible track record and the open lies associated with them.

A Short Comforting Video on Covid 19

Pastor Steve Waldron of New Life Church of Albany gives this 5 minute message on Covid 19. He asks, “How will the events of the past several weeks affect us long term? Does the Bible have clues? Let’s look. God bless!” Video direct link to video A “Real Science” comfort The following video is a discussion by two career immunologists in California about Covid 19. It’s a longer video which in clear language cuts through politics and looks at the science.

Best Sermon on Covid-19 Fear

Versus the Pandemic of Fear: Faith or Fear? God or Money? By Pastor August Fricke My dear friends, servants of Christ, the Lord, Love, peace and joy be with all of you! What a marvelous day it is today to worship the living God at this time – March 2020! However, there is a new word which everyone knows now, a big, new and fearsome word: PANDEMIC. What am I talking about?