Upbeat Video Message from Prof Tom Meyer: The Bible Memory Man

In this highly encouraging message, this humble Christian teacher presents 1 John in a way you’ve never heard before. There’s much more in this, but I’ll leave those gems for you to discover for yourself. Prof. Tom Meyer spent 3 years in Israel as he completed his graduate studies. While there he learned many of the ancient techniques used to memorize whole books of Scripture. May God bless you and grant you peace today and always.

Is the ESV Really A Conservative Translation?

The English Standard Version (ESV) Bible is becoming a de facto standard in American Reformed churches. Many pastors and others know that the ESV is a revision of the Revised Standard Version, which years ago was rejected by Bible believing Christians because of its treatment of Isaiah 7:14. But according to the powers that be, that and other problematic verses have been corrected in the English Standard Version. They also tell us that 95% of all the Bible translations agree, and that the differences that do exist “don’t amount to a hill of beans”.