When Your Soul Craves Rest

Walter A. Maier

“All else must fail; yet when your soul craves rest, you can find peace – and may God’s Spirit help you believe this truth! – in the Lord Jesus! If past sins accuse you, with the Savior you can face them calmly, even the unmentionable, black transgressions you hardly dare admit, yet which, as your letters show, you must confess. For you know that the endless love of Jesus has atoned for every sin and canceled every charge against you. If you doubt this blood-bought pardon and dark, brooding misgivings beset your mind, read your Bible more trustingly, look to Jesus more confidently, pray more earnestly, and His peace will triumph in your soul. If hell itself torments you, you can exult, “I am Christ’s, and who shall separate me from the love of God?” When you kneel in faith at the cross, a divine calm will enter your soul as worries fade before the radiance of the Savior’s mercy.

From Courage In Christ: Radio Messages Broadcast In The Eighth Lutheran Hour by Walter A. Maier, 1942, message titled, “The Pledge Of Permanent Peace Isaiah 54:10”.

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