Reason and the Trinity

“No, there is nothing in the Bible contrary to reason, but there are thousands of things in the Word of God away above reason, and this is one of them, the essence of God, one God in three persons. There is no philosopher in the world who can solve the Trinity. No difference whether the man be Gladstone, or Emperor William, or any great theologian, wherever he stands, he must simply bow his head and say, I bow before Thee, the great God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I do not understand Thee. I cannot comprehend Thee. Thou are too great for me. Oh, the depth of the Divine deep! Let us be thankful this morning to God that the Trinity itself is not a doctrine which has been brought forth by man. No man on earth ever could have thought out the Trinity. It is a revelation from heaven. It is the essence of the Triune God.

From The Eternal Epistle by Simon Peter Long.

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