The priceless New Testament by Martin Luther

This little poem was written and recited by Martin Luther at one of his Table Talks. Imagine sitting around the table with the great reformer, listening, learning, and considering this great treasure we have been given in the New Testament.

The Priceless New Testament by Martin Luther

This testament is priceless. Oh how true!
Great art and wisdom it imparts to you.
Blessed be the man who follows its direction!
He will enjoy God’s blessing and protection.
The Word of God forevermore endures
And heaven’s kingdom unto us secures.
For all must die and leave the world someday.
And then the Word is our trusty stay.
It strengthens us at our last, painful breath.
And redeems us from eternal death.

-Table Talk 3, No. 5793. Cited in Plass. What Luther Says. No. 3133, p. 990

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