It Could Happen Tomorrow Morning

Someone asked, could it happen here? The answer is included in the video below.


  • Essential Workers - Grading People
  • Babi Yar
  • The Generated Frenzy of Fear
  • Sacrificing on the Altar of Public Health
  • What’s Happening in Australia and New Zealand
  • Superseding Authority
  • Targeted Messaging to Children (e.g.
  • Overturning of God’s Role for Parents to Guide Their Children
  • Limiting the Number of People Who Gather Anywhere is Completely Unacceptable
  • Good And Evil Are Reversed
  • The Image of God is on the Face - Masking is Dehumanizing on an Elemental Level.
  • Wearing a Mask is Completely Voluntary.
  • No limit to what can occur once a person has been Dehumanized.
  • Contact Tracing which leads to fear of letting anyone into their home.
  • Kids Will Not Be Allowed To Play With Each Other
  • Keep lovingly talking with others - do not fall into “Us vs. Them”

It Could Happen Tomorrow Morning

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Alec Satin

Your editor is a Bible-believing Christian who’s learning to keep his eyes off the world and onto Him. He subscribes to the Augsburg Confession as an accurate summary of Scripture.




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