Swiftly pass the clouds of glory

The theme is the Transfiguration of the Lord.


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1. Swiftly pass the clouds of glory,
Heaven’s voice, the dazzling light;
Moses and Elijah vanish;
Christ alone commands the height!
Peter, James, and John fall silent,
Turning from the summit’s rise
Downward toward the shadowed valley
Where their Lord has fixed His eyes.
2. Glimpsed and gone the revelation,
They shall gain and keep its truth,
Not by building on the mountain
Any shrine or sacred booth,
But by following the Savior
Through the valley to the cross
And by testing faith’s resilience
Through betrayal, pain, and loss.
3. Lord, transfigure our perception
With the purest light that shines,
And recast our life’s intentions
To the shape of Your designs,
Till we seek no other glory
Than what lies past Calvary’s hill
And our living and our dying
And our rising by Your will.

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