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The Shack - William Paul Young and Aleister Crowley [Video]

In 2007 William Paul Young published a novel called The Shack. To date more than 20 million English language copies have been sold. The book has been recommended by evangelicals and non-Christians.

Are these Christians or false converts? [Video]

College students talk with a gospel preacher named James outside of Bill Johnson’s Bethel Redding Church in Redding, California. They’ve just attended a “miracle service” officiated by Benny Hinn. This strange short video raises many questions:

Ashteroth lives at Starbucks?

Ashteroth is alive and well and living at your local Starbucks. Whether you believe what you’re going to read or not, accept it or not, or care or not, it’s important for you to be able to recognize Ashtoreth, for this is one of the things God has told you in his Word that he consistently hates.

What's so awful about 'Red Letter Christians' and the 'Jesus Hermeneutic'?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been figuratively cleaning off the bottoms of my shoes after stepping into multiple controversies with people who seem to be following different gospels than my own.

What does Orwellian really mean? [Video]

Using the term Orwellian to mean authoritarian misses the point Eric Blair/George Orwell tried to convey in the novel 1984. Any definition of the word “Orwellian” must include the deceptive and misleading use of language.

Fake Christianity is no comfort at all

Eternity Matters posted this telling video last week. Rather than talk about it, I’d rather you watch the 2 minute clip for yourself. Is forgiveness possible? Two minute video clip from ER.

The Hidden Meaning Behind The Logo

The symbol of lust and knowledge bitten in to, all crossed with the colors of rainbow in the wrong order. And you couldn’t dream of more appropriate logo pointing lust, knowledge, hope and anarchy.

Rick Warren, Pope Francis, and the reeducation of Evangelicals

Rick Warren is the evangelical celebrity pastor-leader of the Saddleback mega-church in California. His Purpose-Driven series of books and seminars have done much to continue the ongoing merging of corporate business values and methods with the American protestant church.

Alfred Kinsey and the Children Of Table 34

The theory of childhood sexuality advanced by Alfred Kinsey’s sex researchers has shaped how and when sex education is taught in the United States. It has also influenced the laws against sexual molestation.

How the teaching of American History was changed - and why - Norman Dodd

Did you ever wonder how it came to be that so many Americans know so very little about their own history? Half a century ago certain members of congress became concerned about tax-exempt foundations.