Current Events

Do You Consent?

Dear Friends: Some people have said that if there is a mandatory Covid vaccine, it will be their “line in the sand” moment. For the non-native English speakers, this expression means a dividing point, beyond which some people will not go.

Two Theories

There Are Two Theories is an award-winning short film about a youthful angel who is presented with mankind for the first time. By Ashton Sterling. Video direct link to video

A Short Comforting Video on Covid 19

Pastor Steve Waldron of New Life Church of Albany gives this 5 minute message on Covid 19. He asks, “How will the events of the past several weeks affect us long term?

The Young Muslim Kid Got It Right

A Christian friend mentioned recently that he and his wife homeschool their children. That is great to hear. It’s pains me to know what is being to done every day to the next generation in American public schools.

Islam and the Nations [video]

A wise man once said, “Information is power.” One of the marks of a Christian is a “love of the truth”. Even many non-Christians repeat slogans like, “In a time of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Redefining Evangelical Christianity - A Great Message from Pastor Bob DeWaay [Video]

“This video begins with a 2018 update on the appeal we [Rev. Bob DeWaay] had made to Rick Warren to preach Christ. This appeal was obviously rejected because he continues to preach his unbiblical, man-centered message.

Why the Fascination with the Church Fathers?

A friend writes, “I don’t understand the fascination of the Church Fathers for some people. If they taught correctly, great; if they didn’t, they were sinners who were capable of false teaching, just like myself and everybody else.

The Occult Danger of a Marianne Williamson Presidency [Video]

Author and speaker Warren B Smith and Ben Kinchlow (700 Club, 1993) discuss Warren’s testimony, book (The Light That Was Dark), and Helen Schucman’s–A Course in Miracles. “Some of the things that Warren discusses in this talk include the following:

Side effects of Tarot Reading

I converted to Christianity as a teenager. But the spiritual search continued. I practiced astral projection, became a skilled astrologer, and began to read tarot. I justified what I was doing as “service to others”, and felt superior to anyone who might judge me.

A Little Good News Today

Some of you will remember this song from 1983. The times were hard in the Eighties, and for many are tough today. But here’s the thing: you and I are witnesses to the good news Anne Murray is asking to hear.