The dark side of 'No Creed but Christ'

“…there are today so many churches with an attitude of great indifference to a creed, or a confessional standard, as meaning a real obligation for teaching. There is in the atmosphere today among the churches a dislike for “confessionalism.

Why read Martin Luther?

Many people have opinions about Martin Luther, but few have actually read his words. This small volume includes the Address to the Nobility of the German Nation, Concerning Christian Liberty and On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church.

Why The Reformation? by Emanuel Greenwald

Is the Reformation “Over” as Pope Frances declared? Many evangelical Christians think so. To know for sure, solid knowledge is needed of what happened back then and why, if only to show respect for those brothers and sisters in the faith who gave their lives to uphold their consciences.

What's the true history of Satan? [Video]

A friend with many years involvement in witchcraft now seeking a better way asked, ‘What’s the real history of Satan? I tried to find it in the Bible but couldn’t find a clear account.

How was it possible for Jesus to sweat drops of blood?

Hematohidrosis is a real physical phenomenon reported in medical and historical records. The most well-known person to have experienced this is Jesus Christ. It’s common to be worried. Lots of people are up in the night with anxiety about what the next day will bring.

What is concupiscence?

When a person is reconciled to God by believing in Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins, he becomes a new creature. But the inherited desire to sin remains. This is concupiscence.

20 Ways To Tell If Your Pastor Is Apostate

It’s likely there is no harder job than the ministry. The point of this list is not to find reasons to pick on your pastor. You should love and pray for your minister.

Did Jesus believe the Old Testament was historically true?

You may have been taught that the Old Testament is accurate in terms of morals and values, but not in terms of historical details. While this idea may sound reasonable, it quickly breaks down.

Did Jesus Calling get it wrong about Abraham?

Not so long ago a dear Christian friend of mine dropped a derogatory description of Abraham, stating that he was less than a noble, God-fearing, honorable man. This disturbed me greatly.

What about praying the Rosary?

There is much focus on mindfulness in the general culture and in the church. Praying the Rosary seems such a natural and wholesome thing to do. In addition, the Roman Catholic Church promotes such prayers as meritorious.