An Advent Sermon by Dr. Samuel Laird

These words reveal to us the secret thoughts of our Lord's disciples at this period of His ministry. They were drawing nigh to Jerusalem. They gathered from their Master's sayings that something remarkable was about to happen. They had a strong impression that one great end of His coming into the world was about to be accomplished. So far they were quite right, but as to the precise nature of the event about to happen they were quite wrong.

Morning Prayer for Wednesday from the "Treasury of Prayers"

O ALMIGHTY And merciful God, gracious Father in heaven, Thou hast again, by the protection of Thy ministering spirits, the holy angels, kept me this past night, so that I have lived to see this day in good health and spirits. For this I earnestly laud, praise and magnify Thee, furthermore praying Thee, dear heavenly Father, in whose will I center all I do or leave undone, all my ends and aims, graciously to remember me also in future.

The dark side of 'No Creed but Christ'

"...there are today so many churches with an attitude of great indifference to a creed, or a confessional standard, as meaning a real obligation for teaching. There is in the atmosphere today among the churches a dislike for "confessionalism." Individuals and churches must be "broad." _This means with most people that there must be no positive convictions along doctrinal lines_.


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