In That Day

Whatever other signs may appear before Christ's coming, I know that, according to Christ's words, surfeiting and drunkenness, building and planting, buying and selling, marrying and giving in marriage and other cares of this life will be in evidence.

A Failure as a Christian

Some are found who know the gospel, but are offended at their own manner of life. They have a desire to walk in godliness, but they feel that they make no progress. They begin to despair...

The Kneeling Deer

Tom was a young hunter and fur-trader. He had run away from his home in Toronto, and was now in the woods of northern Ontario trying to find his fortune. Like most young traders he had mastered the Indian tongue. Just now, however, he was cutting across the country to find a bar and indulge in a Christmas spree. He was in a reckless mood, and seeing the Indian, determined to find out what he was doing.


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