Best Sermon on Covid-19 Fear

Versus the Pandemic of Fear: Faith or Fear? God or Money?

By Pastor August Fricke

My dear friends, servants of Christ, the Lord,

Love, peace and joy be with all of you! What a marvelous day it is today to worship the living God at this time – March 2020!

However, there is a new word which everyone knows now, a big, new and fearsome word: PANDEMIC.

What am I talking about? What pandemic? Would you tell me please?

True, the Covoid-19/Coronavirus (Pandemic 1) is now a pandemic affecting the whole world, but there are 2 other pandemics around today and this Coronavirus pandemic is the least of my worries…

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Alec Satin

Your editor is a Bible-believing Christian who’s learning to keep his eyes off the world and onto Him. He subscribes to the Augsburg Confession as an accurate summary of Scripture.



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