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It’s not so difficult to erase a man these days. If you don’t believe me, ask some of the thousands of people in the US and Europe who used to listen to the News in Focus program. Not only was Trevor Hammack’s full body of work scrubbed from the internet, but the man himself left his ministry, closed or abandoned his social media and online accounts, and gave no explanation for what happened. The few online queries posted about him were met with cowardly and unsubstantiated ad hominem attacks - criticisms of the man, not the content of his message.

If Pastor Trevor Hammack fell into sin

A separation needs to be made between what disqualifies a man from being a pastor, and what eliminates a man’s credibility as a journalist. If a minister commits adultery, and this is a proven case, then the man should step down as a pastor.

I don’t know that this is the case with Trevor Hammack.

However, if Pastor Hammack fell into some sinful behavior that disqualified him from ministry like Mark Driscoll or Billy Graham’s grandson Tullian Tchividjian, why would that require all his messages to be removed? Hammack was a consistently evangelical minister who had been syndicated since July 7, 2000. If he or his teachings were so wrong, wouldn’t someone have noticed in 14 years?

On the contrary, many Christians continue to express sadness at the loss of those messages.

If they were so wrong as to require deletion for all time, shouldn’t there be some warning or explanation given to the flock to protect them from what they’ve already heard in more than 3083 messages?

Some of Trevor Hammack’s messages you’ll never hear

Here are some of his (disappeared) sermons from Sermon Audio. Notice the number to the right. This shows how many times that particular message was downloaded before all of his material was censored:

  • My Daughter and Cruelty • Trevor Hammack 550+
  • Debate: Charismatic Gifts • Trevor Hammack 1,120+
  • What did the Pope Say? • Trevor Hammack 560+
  • Deception Gripping Believers • Trevor Hammack 780+
  • Superbowl Sunday • Trevor Hammack 1,520+
  • Mark Driscoll and Plagiarism • Trevor Hammack 860+
  • Message to Charismatics • Trevor Hammack 700+
  • The Apostate American Church • Trevor Hammack 1,160+
  • Precious Puritans • Trevor Hammack 420+
  • Prophetess Cindy Jacobs • Trevor Hammack 480+
  • Charismatics: Final Thoughts • Trevor Hammack 590+

Trevor Hammack - the man

Trevor Hammack was not a fly-by-night operator. He was not a hateful bigot. He was thoughtful and presented facts from the real world with relevant faith-based commentary. Lots of people listened to and liked him. They were perplexed and uncomprehending when he just disappeared.

Pastor Hammack was a normal human being with a physical condition (epilepsy) who was trying to live his Christian life and understand the world around him. At times he and his family were openly persecuted for their faith. In one program he became openly emotional on the air when he spoke of cruelty that had been directed at his little daughter because of something he had said.

He must have said something this time to really get someone angry at him. Was it one of his last sermons - perhaps the one on American drones - When robots can kill? Or weather modification - Discerning the weather? Or vaccination - Flu drug does not work?

Very brief American history

Maybe in history class you heard about the outrage of a previous generation of Americans when, in the 1930’s, they learned of book-burnings in Germany.

News elimination is so much easier now. It’s clean, neat, antiseptic and going on all around you without any debate whatsoever.

That noise you don’t hear? It’s the foundations of your society being erased. And once gone, who will have the knowledge, strength and power to restore them?

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? -Psalm 11.3
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The “powers that be” thought that Christ would be “deleted.” Of course, such did not take place - or even take root. What can the righteous do? [Psalm 11:3] The righteous can witness Almighty Creator / Savior God at work: The LORD is in his holy temple, the LORDS throne is in heaven: his eyes behold, his eyelids try, the children of men. The LORD trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth. Upon the wicked he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their cup. For the righteous LORD loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright. - Psalm 11:4-7 - KJV

But shining light into the darkness is always the way out. Who said, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”? We may not be able to change things like this. But we can be watchful, and remember.

Just wondering…what makes you think he didnt just fall into sin and had to resign like every unofficial account Ive heard? I was a fan and still am of his sermons and hate that we dont have acess to them anymore but if anything was untrue in the accusations leveled against him, dont you think people in his congregation would have jumped to his defense? I do wish he would come forward and answer for some of the things that happened and why. Otherwise there will be alot of filling in the blanks.

Hi Mark, Thanks for stopping by. Religious men fall into sin, and always have. Think David and Bathsheba. Or Aaron and the golden calf (Exodus 32). Or Mark Driscoll and stealing. But ask yourself, when was the last time a pastors life work was expunged from the public record? Thats the mystery here. Alec

Hello, this is Trevor. If anyone would like to talk about what occurred, I would be more than willing to talk on the phone. My number is 325-695-8202

Trevor hasnt been completely wiped off the Internet, I just found him on sound cloud. Hey there Trevor, you are missed out here. God bless you and family.

Hi pastor Hammack. We miss you on Sermon Audio dot com. All I can say is that I thank our Heavenly Father that I managed to download some of your sermons. Thank you very very much for these great sermons, many of them opened my eyes. God Bless you and your family. Kind Regards. Adrien

Adrien, I share your opinion of Pastor Hammacks work. Hopefully he is monitoring the comments to this post and will be encouraged by your words. Thanks for visiting the site.

I always enjoyed Trevors sermons. They were well thought out. Of course the truth is offensive to many. Im certainly mystified by his disappearance from the internet.

Hi Roberta, When Trevors voice was silenced, the Christian world lost a vital source of honest news reporting. Thats the bottom line. Whether he was blackmailed, or he chose to silence himself the loss is real. I only hope if he is monitoring this conversation that he finds a way to resume his news reporting. Of course that assumes he is free to do so. Silence implies the blackmail or pressure against him is real. I have no evidence for this - just my opinion. Take it for what it is. He has a gift which has been taken away from the church. That is a terrible sin against the people of God.

Hello mister Hammack! Will you ever come back on sermons? I hope that one day you will , it was a great program! Wish you all the best.

Any update info, we heard he resigned due to adultery? Did anyone call the number above (325-695-8202) to see if it was really Trevor?

I personally have known Trevor and his family for just over 20 years now. And yes that phone number is legit. Its the one I have for him in my phone.

Yes, Pastor Hammack is still pastoring his local church and those sermons are on soundcloud. I had a long conversation with my friend after letting to many years go by with out reaching out to him. Its unfortunate how he was taken advantage of and then attempted to be blackmailed. While he takes full responsibility for his actions (merely just failing to recognize online advances on him, and to nip them in the bud), he was trolled by a female individual who maintained every piece of communication between them for nearly 5 or so years. Then once Trevor recognized how things were beginning to turn bad he CUT HER OUT! She threatened him, then followed through on that threat. There is so much to this situation that played out, and how everything points to pre-meditation to ruin his life personally and professionally, that its too much to go into here. Im just disappointed in the online “communitys” accusations and gossip. I know Trevor didnt really provide a sort of “closure” to his online followers, but with all due respect, he really didnt have to. When things went south and he saw where it was going, he removed the “avenue”, from which this devastation entered his life, immediately to show his commitment to ending the situation. Then he stayed away from most, if not all, online interaction….I dont blame him. That is why nothing has been said about it online…hes not online….and I dont know when he ever will be.

I really wish you would come back, Trevor. I loved listening to you on Sermonaudio. You dealt with subjects that no one else did. That is really tragic that some misguided individual tried to ruin your life. I dont understand why some people are so vindictive. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Hello! Your comments are not true regards the actions of TH. [edited by site owner - character attacks made without substantiation.]

Question..if hes not online how did he post his phone number above? Dont you have to be online to do that? Little confusing.

Dear SH, You are a pastor, and should know better than to make unsubstantiated claims against a fellow pastor. I wrote you on 25 Oct requesting proof of your allegations. You have chosen not to respond. As a result, your comment has been edited.

No, I received no such email from you at all. And your false allegations are incorrect and slanderous. I am the pastor of the girl Trevor Hammack got involved with. And I have emails from his elders outlining why he was removed from his church. Not slanderous at all.

And, how do you know my comments are not true? You obviously know nothing of why Hammock was removed, as your little blog states. You know nothing of the situation at all. I have been in contact with his church and know what happened and what he confessed. And you know????

A good number of stone-throwers in these comments feel a need to focus on the sins of Trevor Hammack rather than the real point of the post, which is the elimination of independent news sources from the internet. If Pastor Hammack committed adultery, then we would hope he would repent and take appropriate action. Thats a matter between him and the people involved, including his congregation. It is an important but separate issue from the internet-scrubbed News in Focus programs, which have now all been destroyed. Not many of the self-righteous “drive by commentators” seem to care a whit about the narrowing control of information through the multi-national news cartel system. Without a fourth estate, freedom is impossible. People like Trevor Hammack are a real threat. Well, they were.

I am a past friend of trevors, we were very close, studied religiouly, and lived with him for about 2years in the early 90s. I made some terrible decisions in relationships, turned back to alcohol and I have been on and off the path ever since. I have been moved recently to search him out and finally have, and am very proud of his ministry and I would have been a part of that. I have been in the wilderness for 20 some years, but now for the first time in awhile I can truly see Gods hand moving me in a direction, but not sure where yet, and letting go of those besetting sins once and for all. Trevor was the first person to come to mind, we took those harold camping classes together. While we didnt agree with alot of it, we figured we could use them as types, but n0t actual interpretation. Anyhow I am just trying to reconnect and just find my place in the body of christ again. I can be contacted by email … and phone … . [Edited by siteowner: email and phone removed]