The Secret World of Mormonism

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The Mormon church may look Christian and promote good old American values, but the reality is something else again.

Mormon teachings include:

  • Polygamy

  • The superiority of the white race

  • Jesus and Lucifer are brothers

  • God lives on a faraway planet having sex with many wives

  • Spirit babies inhabit the bodies of humans

And the terrible doctrine of

  • Blood atonement/Avenging angels - where a person must give his life for a sin for which Jesus cannot atone.

Are these Biblical doctrines? Followers of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young say they are.

The Secret World of Mormonism

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Just some clarifications: The issue of Jesus and Satan being brothers is blown way out of proportion for sensationalism. The thing is, according to LDS teachings, every angel and every human there ever was are also brothers and sisters of Jesus. So when all created beings (angels actually are created as “human” spirits and later become angels) are brothers and sisters of Jesus, the sensationalism of Satan being a brother disappears. He wasnt yet Satan (“Lucifer”) when originally born (spiritually, from Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mothers). Polygamy is really only still taught among Fundamental LDS sects, although even with the Utah LDS it is still mandated in Doctrine & Covenants 132. So for current teachings, one really needs not to bring that up. Polygamy is a good topic for discussing the history of the LDS as proof they are not true Christians because their claims about polygamy make the God of the Bible out to be a liar. Spirit babies dont “inhabit” the bodies of humans. Rather they take on human bodies, and they arent “babies” when they do so. They wait in the pre-existence until a human baby is conceived and then they take on that body (which has no spirit until then). “Blood atonement” is an old doctrine disavowed many, many years ago. The LDS now claim that Brigham Young came up with that on his own and it wasnt from God. The fun thing is when you get in a discussion about this and demonstrate that BY was/is considered a prophet of God, and he stated he got the doctrine from God; so how can you disavow a teaching from God as claimed by a certified prophet of God? Granny Geers stuff was published long ago, and her book – “Mormonism, Mama & Me” (which I recently donated to our local assembly) – is about historical Mormonism rather than as currently practiced. While its good for background information for demonstrating the ungodly nature of the LDS, it isnt too helpful when dealing with current LDS members.

Appreciate it Glenn. Thank you. Youve done the in depth study of this dangerous cult. The main point for Christians is to understand that Mormonism has never been a Christian religious system, nor is it one now. At the core its a gospel of works which does not believe the atonement of Jesus Christ is sufficient for salvation - amongst other serious issues which cannot be reconciled with the Bible.

I understand the main point, and Ive seen this video many times – its very good. But I thought clarifying these things was important due to the use of them for sensationalizing the “horrors” of the LDS. Ive run into many who spend time sensationalizing these things rather than get to the heart of the matter and help people understand why its a false belief system and why they need the real Jesus.

I knew most of this stuff already, but when I saw it in the video the weirdness hit even harder. Its not hard to show the untruths of the Mormon church - just open up a bible. The existiance of the mormon church just shows the old saying to be true; “people want to be lied to” By the way - heres an interesting take on mormons in the news room. The first link is the news story of the death of Lillian Chynoweth, the young woman in the video who spoke about her husband being murdered as reported by the mormon owned Deseret news The Washington Post covered it differently

Be sure to understand that the polygamous FLDS is not associated with the Utah Church. They are just following the polygamy teaching established by Smith, but otherwise their little cult is in many ways as bad as the LDS under Brigham Young. Very tight and dangerous cult.

These differences are important for accuracy - but the LDS church itself is as dark and evil as any of its siblings. The “fundamentalists” of Mormon doctrine may have more overt violence and polygamy associated with them. But this does not take away the occultism which seems to be “baked into” the system. Baptism for the dead? Masonic style oaths? Blasphemous teachings about God the father? Just because the Mormons we meet in our daily lives may not know about or participate in these things does not change anything. Pyramidal systems like this one dole out information based on power and position. Their Jesus is not the Jesus of the Bible. Their salvation is not the Bibles salvation. Really, the whole thing is Satanic.

Doug, Fascinating articles, both. Where do you think the truth lies about Lillian Chynoweth - suicide or blood atonement? Alec

Oh, for sure both are equally evil. The accuracy is important because too many people who encounter the LDS missionaries at their doors dont understand the differences and then get made to look foolish as the missionaries show them how wrong they are, and they use that as a stepping stone to teach the Mormon gospel. Thats why the facts are important to know. And Ive been involved with the whole Mormon issue, trying to straighten people out after theyve been slam-dunked by the missionaries, intervening on many blogs in the defense of the LDS, etc. My point is that they are evil in and of themselves and we dont need to misrepresent them trying to make them look “bad.” Sometimes it can be a daily battle with them – and I am currently engaging a Mormon on another blog (one Ive encountered before who wants to remain in denial no matter how many facts are presented to him).