Real life Facebook

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Are you on Facebook? How many of your online friends do you really actually know? Would you want to change that? Why or why not?

Who’s really taking note of all those personal details you expose to your friends on Facebook…

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Originally published at: Comfort for Christians



The only social media I use is Blogger and Twitter. Ive already met some of my Blogger “buddies”. I can usually tell after a few conversations if theyre worth knowing or not. It helps that Im a motorcyclist and most of my “followers” also ride. Not to brag, but theres something special about motorcyclists. Also, my husband is on the Honda CB 1100 forum. We had a big meet and greet in western NC last May and plan to do another this year. Some of the Australian members even showed up! That was a hoot. We had such a wonderful time. I highly recommend putting a face to the social media folks when possible. Have you had the opportunity to meet any of your “followers” Alec? Id like to hear about your experience(s) too. Have a blessed day. ~:)