The longest tunnel in the world and the religion of Europe

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The Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland officially opened on 1 June 2016. At over 35 miles long (57 km) and with 94 miles (152 km) of supporting passages, it is the longest and deepest travel tunnel in the world.1

Dedication ceremonies traditionally include a blessing giving acknowledgment to God. The opening ceremonies for the Swiss Gotthard Base Tunnel celebrate…you decide. Whatever it is, it ain’t glorifying the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob - the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Hmmm, looks like someone is in thrall to Matthew Barneys Cremaster Cycle . No one really knew what that was all about, either.

Perhaps youre right. Id never heard of Matthew Barneys filth before you just mentioned it.
More explicitly, this was a sacrifice and dedication to the ancient European (Germanic) pagan deities.