Alfred Kinsey and the children of table 34

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Alfred Kinsey was a zoologist, most famous for his sex research in the 1940’s. What is less well known is his use of known pedophiles in his experiments with children. There is evidence to suggest that Kinsey’s scientific research into child sexuality was actually molestation.

Table 34

Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Male1, 1948, offers proof of the systematic child abuse in Dr. Kinsey’s research.

Kinsey Report Table 34

The legend beneath the table (34) says, ‘timed with a second hand or stopwatch’

Dr Judith Reisman documented the abuse of more than 300 infants and children in the production of Alfred Kinsey’s research. These kids were aged from 2 months to 15 years. She asks:

How did they (Kinsey and his staff) get the record of 26 orgasms in 24 hours for a 4 year old? -Dr Judith Reisman

The illegality of Kinsey’s child research

Pat Trueman is a former US Attorney for the US Justice Department’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Unit. Trueman says, If these experiments took place, they involved acts to which no child could provide consent and for which no parent or guardian could provide consent on behalf of the child. Therefore we are talking about criminal behavior, the criminal sexual abuse of children.

Kinsey child abuse

How Alfred Kinsey’s child studies revolutionized American society

Research scientist Gordon Muir, MD:

The understanding that we have of childhood sexuality and normal childhood sexual development as it is believed and taught in academia today comes from the experimental evidence documented in Kinsey's report published in 1948 with the childhood sexuality tables that we have just discussed. **_It is absolutely astonishing that this is taken as the basis of what we understand to be normal childhood sexual development._** And when I try to explain this to colleagues in the type of science I'm involved with in what I call the harder sciences of biology or medicine, statistics, immunology, **they do not believe what I'm trying to tell them**. And the only way I can convince them of the truth of this is to go to the library, pull off the shelf of Alfred Kinsey's books and show them what is inside. And it's quite shocking.

Wardell Pomeroy

The theory of childhood sexuality advanced by Alfred Kinsey’s sex researchers has shaped how and when sex education is taught in the United States. It has also influenced the laws against sexual molestation.

Gordon Muir continues:

(Kinsey) provided the "scientific" basis for (pedophilia). **He felt the main problem with adult-child sexual relations was _hysteria and over-reaction_ on the part of parents and authorities.** His co-author Wardell Pomeroy, a prominent sexologist has written that the Kinsey research uncovered, "many beautiful and satisfying relationships between fathers and daughters." Pomeroy also in his sex-education book "Boys and Sex" refers to the possibility of "loving sexual relationships between children and animals". -Gordon Muir, MD

Who was Mary Calderone?

Working with the Kinsey team was Mary Calderone, medical director of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America from 1953 to 1964. She later founded the Sex Information and Educational Council of the United States.

Mary Calderone - Planned Parenthood

Mary Calderone, medical director of Planned Parenthood 1953-1964

  • Teachers in the US are only trained in the Kinsey sex education model.
  • Sex conditioning under the guise of AIDS prevention begins in Kindergarden.

Table 31 from Kinsey’s research

Kinsey Table 31

Kinsey Table 31

Alfred Kinsey

Alfred Kinsey

Video: The children of table 34

This short documentary explains how Alfred Kinsey’s research was based on the illegal sexual abuse of children.

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  1. ISBN 978-0-253-33412-1 



Excellent article. I wish I knew how to download a YouTube You noted the exposure of Kinsey by Reisman. There are two books by her on my shelf which I highly recommend to your readers: Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences Kinsey, Sex and Fraud. The second book is co-nameed by Edward W. Eichel, with Dr. John H. Court and Dr. J Gordon Muir as editors. I also recommend the article, “How Alfred C. Kinseys Sex Studies Have Harmed Women and Children, by Robert H. Knight:

Glenn, Hope others will take advantage of your recommendations. Perceiving how Kinseys work is bad science, and understanding how it has been used to forcibly change culture and marginalize healthy (Christian) attitudes towards sexuality makes grasping the shape of our cultural reality so much clearer. In regard to videos, if you use Firefox (or Chrome, but the Chrome browser has big privacy issues), a free browser extension called Video Download Helper will let you save many items locally. There are probably similar things available for Internet Explorer and Safari. Alec

Its easy to underestimate the power of our one voice. Do you remember this old advertisement? Truth can be revealed in strange sources sometimes:

Grrrrr!! We (as a culture) have been totally hoodwinked by this dirty old man. Masters and Johnson did their part, too. But this man was horrific. And all the poisoned fruit of a poisoned tree – the infamous Mary Calderone and SIECUS. You do a public service in continuing the publication of this as a fraud. Hes robbing children of their childhoods. One of his other frauds, Dr. John Money who is mentioned, led the charge for gender identity surgery, and he was the doctor involved in a tragic case of early childhood sex re-assignment documented in the book As Nature Made Him: the boy who was raised as a girl by John Colapinto. The book is a terrific read, and shows you how experts can cow parents. I noted from this book that “Dr. John Moneys theories run counter to his own research for his doctoral thesis. But they brought him a lot of research money and acclaim. They brought his victims a lot of heartaches. What the arrogant pride of one researcher has done to so many children and their families ought to be criminal. Not to mention the gratuitous sexual posturing to which he subjected his young patients.” Another dirty old man. His work with little “Brenda” (nee Bruce) became a sensation feminists leapt on to support screwy theories of gender fluidity. You can see more here. (I added Video Download Helper a couple of months ago to Chrome, but its spotty, and doesnt pick this one up.)

Hi Baysider. Your use of the phrase “Dirty old man” and my agreement with the aptness of it betrays our betrayal of the new (yet very old) cultural ethos which makes our current time more and more like the days of Lot. Nevertheless, let God and His morality be true and every man like Dr. John Money a liar.

How blessed we are to have been given eyes to see through the deception which is even now in the world. These are wonderful days to be a Christian. May you be given grace to shine forth even now. Amen.