Some personal writings

    Why I unsubscribed from my friend’s blog

    2 minute read

    Over the last year I’ve steadily stopped following political and economics blogs. The trajectory to a world ruled by the scientific elites clicks on towards...

    The loss of a friend who happens to be gay

    1 minute read

    It’s a terrible thing to lose a friend, and especially when there is nothing we can do to remedy the situation. Sometimes we have to lovingly let people go.

    Use the good paper

    4 minute read

    This morning was dark and chilly. In desperation I took out my father’s overcoat. It’s too good to wear. But I put it on anyway. It feels like a million ...

    Photographs and memories

    4 minute read

    I’m neither a picture-taker nor -saver. I’ve always preferred the moment. But I returned home Thursday night with a bag of framed images. And I’m so glad ...

    Why I stopped reading tarot cards

    9 minute read

    Tarot was an important part of my life for almost 20 years. I studied it, wrote about it, performed countless readings, and was considered knowledgeable by e...

    Letter to my dying aunt

    5 minute read

    Today when I visited you in the hospital, it took all my courage to say, You need to ask God to help you. But I didn’t go far enough. What I wanted to say is...