[E-Book Download] – A Concise Summary of the Lutheran Confessions by Henry Eyster Jacobs

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The Epitome is part of the Formula of Concord, the last book of the Lutheran Confessions.

It was written by Jakob Andraea and Martin Chemnitz with help from Nikolaus Selnecker, David Chytraeus, Andreas Musculus and Christoph Körner and with input from other theologians. It put an end to the controversies which had arisen in the first decades after the adoption of the Augsburg Confession by the Evangelical Churches of the Reformation.

It is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Considering it thoughtfully is a joy to the soul. Theodore Schmauk recommends it with these words:

As a guide to contemporary religious discussion on the great topics of Christianity, and especially on problems connected with the Person of Christ, the Epitome of the Formula will…prove more interesting, and its use of Scripture and of the pure Gospel will be as edifying, to a student and layman, as is the Augsburg Confession. The clearness, calmness, simplicity, and weight of the matter, without repetition of platitudes, fit it for convincing modern use; and we trust that the day will come when it will be published as a tract or pamphlet to be placed in every Lutheran household. - The Confessional Principle, chapter 33.

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A Concise Summary of the Lutheran Confessions by Henry Eyster Jacobs is available at no charge from The Lutheran Library.

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