Fake Christianity is no comfort at all

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Eternity Matters posted this telling video last week. Rather than talk about it, I’d rather you watch the 2 minute clip for yourself.

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Thanks to Eternity Matters - Is forgiveness possible? Don’t ask the “Christian” Left, ask a Christian!.

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As my mother was dying a hospice chaplain asked if she could help me. I doubt she expected my manner or answer which I tried to make gracious (for her kindness) yet affirmatively that of a CHristian assured of her destination. As another strong Christian friend asked, “how do people do this without Christ?” The a better place platitude falls way short.

Some of the new-age type chaplains believe in an “evolutionary reincarnation” which guarantees an eventual “better place”.

The Bible tells us plainly that evil will increase as we approach the end of this age. Satan will actually be given greater license to work his evil in order to test the hearts of men. The deceptions that will be believable will resemble the truth very closely. The counterfeits that the god of this world has reserved for the times at the end will be as close as possible to the real thing yet without substance and life.

There is ample evidence that what youve written is coming to pass around us. Thanks for your comment. I look forward to perusing your blog. Alec

A very very powerful critique of how irrelevant vanilla flavor Liberal Christianity is to the problem of death and forgiveness…thanks for sharing Alec

Powerful that the dying man knew the difference and wanted the truth. I see this as a rebuke against the empty platitudes of liberal “Christianity” and the real need of men and women to know that truth that sets them free through faith in Jesus Christ. Amen!

So many people call themselves Christians yet they lack a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The reality is Constantine created Christianity aka Catholicism to control the people and hold his throne. Catholicism was a mix of paganism and the Bible to pull Born Again Believers into paganism and Baal worship. The reality of Biblical Salvation is anyone who believes on what Jesus Christ did on the cross is a saved saint. He/She is born again and has eternal salvation. There are no good works required to be saved and that certainly includes repentance. Repentance does not even mean turning from sin, as so many religious heretics try and push. 99% of the churches in America preach a false gospel and have perverted it to the point of no return. The problem is, the people themselves are not reading the Bible because they are too busy worshiping at the throne of statism, atheism or some other ridiculous cult like the tele vision set.