Does Mary actually appear to people?

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Richard Bennett is an historian and former Roman Catholic Priest who has published On The Wings of Grace Alone, Catholicism: East of Eden, Insights into Catholicism for the 21st Century, Far from Rome, Near to God: Testimonies of 50 converted catholic priests, and The Truth Set Us Free: Twenty Former Nuns Tell Their Stories of God’s Amazing Grace.

Does Mary actually appear to people?

Richard Bennett:

I was upon in Yakima, in Washington State, and there was a big billboard where she had supposedly appeared.

They say that Mary appears in different places, Texas, Denver, Colorado, and Conyers, Atlanta.

Biblical Mary does not appear. But things happen. These are strange places. If you go there, pray for protection. They are strange. I am convinced that they are demonic.

There are some books you cannot get in Christian bookstores. Quite contrary by Tim Kaufman. He is a Nasa physicist and a devout Roman Catholic who was into the apparitions and he got convicted and saved. He wrote two books and man does he explain it. He explains the exact words and the happenings.

The interview appears in this video at 13 minutes:

Other questions answered

The video also includes:

  • Where do Catholic Traditions come from? (0 minutes, 34 seconds)

  • When did the Catholic Church accept Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism? (2m55s)

  • What was the Inquisition? (3m27s)

  • What happened in Croatia in WWII and how is this related to Ireland? (3m47s)

  • Why does the Roman Catholic Bible include the Apocrypha? (5m 25s)

  • Did Jesus institute the Catholic Church? (7m35s)

  • Was Peter the first pope? (9m30s)

  • What did Christ mean when he told Peter I will build my church? (11m03s)

  • Does Mary actually appear to people? (13m01s)

  • When did the pope start being called Holy Father? (16m11s)

Selected quotes from the video

Council of Trent curse on the gospel

This (the Council of Trent) is where the Catholic Church put an official curse on the gospel. If anyone believes you are saved by grace through faith, you are eternally damned.

Where the apocryphal books came from

These (apocryphal books) came in during the inter-testamental period. They were never accepted by the Jews. They were never accepted by the believers. The only one who struggled over it was Jerome. No one ever accepted them. It was at the time of the Reformation that the Roman Catholic Church wanted them and said they were part of the Bible.

Gregory the Great

Gregory the Great said, “If anyone calls himself the bishop of the whole church, he is the anti-christ”. It was only in the eighth century that the Catholic Church claimed “Bishop over all bishops”.

Christ is the rock

The early church understood that the rock (not Peter) was Christ. The early traditions obliterate their claim.

Thanks to Mary Dalke for pointing out this short Q&A video.

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Thank you so much! I have been able to locate a copy of Quite Contrary: A Biblical Reconsideration of the Apparitions of Mary by Timothy Kauffman, maybe Ill do a review on it. I have long suspected that these apparitions had a nefarious origin which, when I was in the Catholic church, would have been heretical to say out loud

Excellent video. Yes, the apparitions are demonic vs being “Mary.” I picked up a copy of “Quite Contrary” ten years ago, and it is really an excellent examination of the apparitions. I also highly recommend “The Cult of the Virgin: Catholic Mariology and the Apparitions of Mary,” by Elliot Miller and Kenneth R. Samples. Its from about the same time period as the other book, but I found this one in 1995.

These issues are addressed in Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant, with quotations and specific citations. A printed book can be ordered from and the free PDF is here -

Doug, Please do let me know what you think of Quite Contrary. And yes, this is quite a sensitive subject for many. Alec