Thy Strong Word - The Efficacy Of The Word In The Scriptures And The Lutheran Confessions by Pastor Gregory L. Jackson, PhD

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Thy strong Word Thy strong Word

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I have written Thy Strong Word for one purpose, to teach the Biblical doctrine of the efficacy of the Word and thereby utterly destroy the Church Growth Movement in the Lutheran Church.

One pastor correctly observed that the Lutheran Church has suffered from too many propositions unsupported by Biblical exegesis. When I began working on the Biblical chapters, I found that the material supporting them was rather scanty in the Lutheran literature and naturally absent among the Reformed. Until recently, the efficacy of the Word was taken for granted by all Lutherans, even by the liberals who went to war over open communion, Biblical errancy, women’s ordination, and unionism.

Some people will object that Thy Strong Word is not an ordinary theology book. I intended to collect and use as much material as possible, from as many sources as possible, to promote confidence in the efficacy of the Word. -Gregory Jackson, from the introduction.

Originally published at: Comfort for Christians