They will never be interested in theology, until…

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It seems to me that we are in far too great a hurry to rush people anyhow, somehow to Christ. We are so anxious to get results. But we are to be governed in our methods as well as in our message by this Word of God… _Ah but_, you say, _that will not appeal to people today, they are not interested in theology_. The answer is that they must become interested in theology if they are to become Christians; they must hear the truth and must believe it. Men have never been interested in theology, and never will be, until the Holy Spirit deals with them. So our business is to preach the truth to them, trusting to the Holy Spirit to open their eyes and their understanding, and to apply it to them with power. -D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, _Romans: An exposition of Chapters 3.20 - 4.25, Atonement and Justification_, 1970. p31. (Passage quoted relates to Romans 3.21-31)

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D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899–81), a British evangelical born and brought up within Welsh Calvinistic Methodism, he is most noted for his pastorate and expository preaching career at Westminster Chapel in London. In addition to his work at Westminster, he published books and spoke at conferences and, at one point, presided over the Inter-Varsity Fellowship of Students (now known as UCCF). Lloyd-Jones was strongly opposed to the liberal theology that had become a part of many Christian denominations in Wales and England. In 1966, he and John Stott became focal points in a controversy that arose at an Evangelical Alliance assembly — Lloyd-Jones called for evangelical clergy to leave compromised denominations and unite together, primarily referring to the Church of England. Stott, an evangelical Anglican, argued for evangelicals to function as salt and light within their respective denominational traditions. -Taken from [theopedia](
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The word, “theology” has always bothered me. Its a frigid word. Its capriciously uttered by many. Especially the unbelieving elite, to yet further distance themselves (and others) from Creator / Savior God who is only fully experienced by Divinely initially, granted, faith. “Studying” Creator God is the futile exercise of the finite mind. Experiencing Him, is life abundant, eternal.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones is one of my favorite names and I have many of his books. Stott, on the other hand, although he has some excellent teachings, too often is a compromiser so he cant always be trusted.

Hi Nathan, Yes, so much of the specialized jargon we use these days hinders communciation - and not only in Christian circles. Whatever we call it, so good that truth exists and can be known. Glad for your comment. God bless you. Alec

Just as an aside, I did need to type in name, email, website, but there was a menu so it wasnt tough….so you did change something, yes? Re your comment and post, Im going to look into this man; thanks, Id never heard of him. And even the term EVANGELICAL is only now sort of losing its very pejorative meaning given it by the media and other secularists … Its still rather pejorative from their viewpoint but not quite so much; at least thats my sense.

Hi Z, You shouldnt have had to type all that stuff in. Could I ask you to try again? It should be working now. Thank you :) Alec

Alec, for what its worth, sometimes on Disqus, at Silverfiddles, itll ask me to fill that stuff out if I havent been there for a few days….odd, but Ive noticed that in the past at SFs… maybe that was the case here today? Worked like a charm now.

Hi Alec, I have a link to a sight where you can listen to Lloyd-Jones called the MLJ Trust. You can check it out and see if you want to have it available on your site, if you like. What Dr. Jones said about the Holy Spirit changing people to turn them to the truth is what God teaches us through Paul in Ephesians 5. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleeps, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. Ephesians 5:13-14 We need that work of the Holy Spirit for our blessing and Gods glory. Amen!

I see that at Community Bible Study so often….women who werent interested in faith at all, and suddenly something pulls them in and theyre hungrier and hungrier….I even know one member who was editing a New Age book that slammed the Scriptures so she joined to see what Scripture was about. She thought shed stay, be convinced he was right, and leave. Instead, shes become a strong believer and has been a member for about 25 years! Her daughter also is a member now. Thats only one example. Beautiful stuff; there is no explanation, no rationality for that, except that its the work of the Holy Spirit.

Eliza, That is a great site. The link is here if anyone is curious: Youve given me a good idea, to have a future post/page with a listing of Christian podcasts. Martyn Lloyd-Jones would definitely be on that list. Thanks as always for your thoughtful comments. Alec

Z, I love this story about the New Age woman and her daughter who were changed by God. Im in that camp, too, by His grace alone.

So glad, thank you. This was webmaster error. When I upgraded, I neglected to turn something back on. Glad alls working now. Alec

“So our business is to preach the truth to them, trusting to the Holy Spirit to open their eyes and their understanding.” The biggest lesson Ive learned as a Christian - its not my job to open their eyes. But I am responsible to make sure I dont throw down a stumbling block in their path.

Alec, if you could have known Dotty, who was the Teaching Director/Lecturer for 43 years at the Bible Study I attend. She used to say, as she got into her eighties, “God, save a heart attack for me” She died peacefully in her sleep at almost 91 years old. The “seal the deal” has always been helpful. Another saying was “go to the throne, not the phone” when we have problems….Its usually best to go to GOD, not a friend, though that has its times, too. The poetry is beginning to sound like Jesse Jackson, but she was nothing like that!!! Strong Conservative Christian woman who could talk the Bible to us every Thursday and make us yearning for more. It feels good to introduce you to her…she died last February.