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In the time since the first version of was launched in 2003, your author - just like John Bunyan’s character Christian - has taken long unfortunate journeys off the straight and narrow path.

Detours and a common thread

This site has mirrored some of those detours. Counseling psychology, experiential trance states, and tarot have all been featured. For a time the content was work-related as I plunged headlong into software project management.

You may wonder what all these things have in common. The joining thread is my life-long desire to understand why things are the way they are and what we can do to make things better for ourselves and others in the limited time we have here on earth.

In the end, Bunyan’s Christian succeeded in his journey to the celestial city. He was helped through the intercession of his gracious Lord working through people he met along the way. In like manner faithful Christian friends have cared for and guided me again and again, and especially in those times when my strength has failed.

The thinking behind Comfort for Christians

Throughout my years as an American Christian I’ve found it difficult to find a comfortable place in the organized church. Introverted, private, a kind-of loner, and having lost most of my family and many friends to that great curse which afflicts us all (physical death), I just never seem to fit in to the churchianity groove. You may feel similarly. My hope is that you’ll find this site an ongoing resource and source of encouragement. I’m here as a brother in Christ to support you in your faith.

Why I left Wordpress after 15 years

Security issues

In the last year, 3900 IP addresses were banned for trying to hack into my self-hosted Wordpress site. Dealing with security concerns causes stress and eats up time.

Maintenance issues

Almost everything in Wordpress requires extra plugins and/or custom coding. These plugins are updated regularly. Each update needs to be checked to make sure it doesn’t break something else.

Speed issues

Wordpress is an amazing piece of database software. But even with a caching plugin, it is slow.

Hello static-site

Jekyll is a kind of software which generates static-page websites. Think Front Page for the twenty-first century. By eliminating most of the back-end distractions, blog writers are able to focus more on what they are trying to communicate, and less on the neediness of the software.

By moving Comfort for Christians to Jekyll you should notice a speed advantage whether you are reading on a laptop, tablet, or phone.

Where are the pretty pictures?

Trying to find copyright-free images to match each blog post took ridiculous amounts of time. There will likely be fewer photos in future posts.

What happened to the like buttons?

Those like buttons were hooked up to wordpress dot com and so could not come along with us to Jekyll.

If you find yourself wanting to like a post, (and I hope you do), please share it using one of the buttons included. It takes a little more effort than the like button. But it encourages the author (each time) and has a greater potential to let the material be seen by others than a like ever could.

And you can always comment. Something as short as, I like it. is A-OK.


Commenting is active now. A subscribe to comments feature is in the works.

Old posts

Most posts from While it’s yet day have been archived off-line. If you’d like to see a post you remember but can’t find, send a note.

A word about politics

The post from 2016, Why I unsubscribed from my friend’s blog, captures some of my reasons for stepping away from politics. Like some of you I am sick to death of it all.

While my thinking on this subject is still developing, you can expect any writings along political lines to be framed from a larger historical perspective. This should enable us to consider the issues as Christian citizens of that heavenly kingdom with a minimum of rancor and division.

It’s my opinion that Left and Right as they are presently construed are significantly different than classical Liberalism or traditional Conservatism. Programmed words like red state, blue state, Republican, and Democrat are like teams one joins or hates. Pride, self-righteousness, jingoism, and do-goodism are a heady mix which seem to be overtaking people on all sides. And those who have or desire power love to utilize these energies for their own ends.

Let them.

For you and I, let us render to Caesar the things that be Caesar’s and render to God the things that be God’s (Mark 12:17).

Originally published at: Comfort for Christians